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  • Fall Cohort
    Starting on: 01 Mar 2022
    Enrollment deadline
    01 Mar 2022

    9 classes Language : English
    10:00 am New_York Time Duration 1 hours 0 minutes
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Asra Rizwan Khan

Founder & CEO of OpenMic Pakistan

Asra R. Khan has 5+ years of experience working at the intersection of the tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem. She is the Founder & CEO of OpenMic Pakistan, a social enterprise working on social and economic empowerment of youth. Her work has impacted 6300+ youth across Pakistan. She is a scholarship recipient to Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations and a current Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum. Her work on the startup and technology ecosystem of Pakistan has been featured in TechJuice and Dawn. She has coached and spoken about freelancing and entrepreneurship at Google WomenTechmakers, GDG Fest Kolachi, Google I/O Recap, Startup Weekend Women & Youth, AIESEC Global Exchange Conference and CodeGirls.

Hira Saeed

Founder, CaterpillHERs / Freelance Content, and Personal Branding Consultant

Hira Saeed is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at CaterpillHERs, a social enterprise that works for women-led startups, and helps build their business acumen through the curriculum, 1:1 mentorship, support network, and investment-readiness training. She also works as a Freelance consultant and copywriter for clients worldwide and has been featured on multiple tech blogs and publications with her byline. Being a community builder in Pakistan’s tech and startup ecosystem, she leads Pakistan’s leading tech community called Tech Geeks which has over 12k members. Over the course of five years, Hira has mentored dozens of startups all over Pakistan to build their content, marketing, and branding strategy. She is currently an active mentor at Founder Institute and National Incubation Center. She also creates content on her social media sharing tips about content, social media tips, and copywriting.

Waqar Hussain

Founder/CEO - IconProSolutions, Development partner :Hustle Trainer

Waqar Hussain is an engineer turned entrepreneur, with a decade of experience in creating design driven content and IT solutions for some of North America's biggest up and coming startups.
He has persistently shown a real zeal for connecting the dots between tech and design, to curate unique brand identities online. Paving his way to work on some 2000 + brands, with a top rated seller status on multiple forums including Fiverr and Toptal.
Since founding IconProSolutions in his college days, Waqar has led the company to acquire a 2 million dollar grant for a sister company in Michigan US. Going to show just how much a small freelancing portfolio can grow in a mere 4 years.
Waqar is also active as a public speaker in Quetta, where he dedicates much of his time in training young talent like his own.

Faiza Yousuf

Founder - WomenInTechPK, Cofounder - CodeGirls

Faiza Yousuf is a technologist with over a decade of experience in building products and teams. She is an award-winning community leader and the force behind WomenInTechPK. She co-founded CodeGirls, a community-funded coding boot camp for girls, and runs the online education program for Blockchain and AI from CryptoChicksPakistan. She leads the product development wing at Genetech Solutions and runs a consulting practice as a Product Management Expert. She is a top-rated freelancer on Upwork with the honor to be part of Upwork’s first-ever social impact report. She is also working with P@SHA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee for improving gender parity in Pakistan’s tech ecosystem. Faiza is a well-known speaker and often speaks at both national and internal conferences. She loves to read and enjoys writing about tools and practices.

Who should level up with this bootcamp?

If you fit any of these, you most definitely should enroll

Beginner Freelancers

looking to hack sustainable income and score more projects.


Mid-Career Professionals

looking to switch or kickstart independent careers and agencies.


Skilled Students

looking for ways to earn income and kickstart their career early.



looking for WFH opportunities or returning to work after gap years.

Course Curriculum

Freelancing isn't as simple as people make it out to be. We miss out on the many nuances part of the process, but not anymore! The options in freelancing quite honestly are a lot, enough to confuse you. Some don't even pay well and who likes being underpaid. Let an accomplished freelancer like Asra help you discover in-demand creative and technical skills for high-paying freelancing gigs!

Now that you know some in-demand skills, it is time to focus on the significance of focusing on a niche. Why do something you don't like, especially when you're working flexibly as a freelancer and building your own personal brand? Identify which niche or skill you want to work with. Look at different freelance categories and understand long and short term projects with some examples of job postings.

One of the most challenging tasks as a beginner is building a portfolio. If you've not had prior work, you'd wonder how you can present a portfolio to prospective clients and win gigs. Fret not, let Waqar teach you how to build, publish, and share a portfolio with limited work experience. We've all got to start somewhere, right?

In building yourself as a freelancer you need to work on your own personal brand. Beginner freelancers, especially, have a lot to gain from building audiences and become an authority in a specific niche. Learn how to audit and optimize your social media profiles as a sales funnel. Hira, who now get all her projects through Instagram will teach you how to build your brand!

Learn how to be smart with money - you and your labor deserve to be compensated well. Study different pricing models, when to use hourly or fixed rates, and how milestone-based payments work. Featured by UpWork, Faiza will teach you how to set an income goal to calculate your hourly rate.

Create service packages that translate to more value for your clients, and more income for you! Learn how to price your packages as an individual freelancer or an agency, keeping all the contingencies in mind! Faiza will teach you how to negotiate the best pricing with penny-pinching clients.

Before you start making all that money, you should know where you will be accepting all your payments. Faiza will teach you how to how you can accept, and withdraw international payments in Pakistan. You will also learn accounting and taxation for freelancers.

Joining a platform and being skillful won't get you any work on a freelancing platform, but strategy will! Waqar, who has been featured as Fiverr's Choice will walk you through the process of successful gig creation that attracts eyeballs, and help you understand gig ranking strategies!

Upwork's regular, Faiza will teach you how get started on the platform and score your initial projects. You will learn how to develop an effective profile and land convert one-time clients to long-term relationships!

This track is designed for experienced freelancers who have a traction on Fiverr, but are looking to scale their progress. Waqar will walk them through the Fiver Seller Plus program to gain insights directly from the Fiverr team!

Learn to set up effective business processes that win you gigs, projects, and clients that keep coming back. Hira, will teach you how you can evolve from an individual freelancer to managing talent and running your own agency!

Faiza will be leading this track to help freelancers who approved profiles on Upwork but have been struggling to get more jobs on the platform. She will share best practices, approved by Upwork, to get you to be top-rated!

Still feeling shaky to start on a freelancing platform! Worry not, Asra will teach you how she found her clients as a beginner freelancing without being on any of these platforms. You will learn the secret sauce of networking, communities, and classifieds!

Weekly Exercises

👉 Skill-Up Plan
👉 Portfolio Development & Publication
👉 Building Social Media Strategy
👉 Developing Pricing Packages
👉 Cold Email Templates
👉 Upwork Profile Creation
👉 Upwork Job Applications
👉 Fiverr Profile Creation
👉 Fiverr Gig Creation

What’s new?

We have helped 300+ students and professionals to kickstart their freelance hustles and grow their income 2x. Building upon this experience, we are adopting a new approach to create this experience more impactful and successful for future learners.

  • 🌎 1:1 Office Hours

    Book an office hour with the instructor of your choice to gain personalized feedback and accelerate your freelance progress.

  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Weekly Huddles

    Join weekly community huddles where guest freelancers, alumni, and trainers engage in an intimate discussion based on the respective theme.

  • 🚀 Specialized Tracks

    Have already landed a gig? Sign up for specialized sessions to fast track your progress to become a Fiverr Superseller, Upwork Top-Rated or an Agency.

  • 🎯 SMART Goal Setting

    Set realistic expectations with the instructors before the course starts to use peer support and accountability for success.


4.7 stars 6 ratings
  • Duncan Sham

    Founder & Product Manager at AppMail

    Hira has helped our company craft and deliver messaging that is very clear, concise and impactful, whether it'd be for our website, newsletter or general PR content. She has even helped us craft a script together for our promo video too. Her writing ability is top notch and it is a bonus that she is very easy to work and very accommodating with timelines.

  • Eli Goodrich

    Evangelist at Sonar Source

    Hira is an articulate, inventive, and deep thinker whose advice | greatly value. She provides context and rapid delivery on any project. She also is engaging at each level via her social audience, her causes for women equality and recognition, her business insights, or her thoughtful questions and aproach to problems. I am honored to have met Hira and always look forward to our next discussion.

  • Shahid Khan

    Business Designer, Transforming_SAP Customers with Design Thinking

    Waqar created a unique brand for me & after the brand launch my visibility and business traction increased by 90% due to brands authenticy and warmth! I have already recommended Waqar to 20+ people in my network! In fact, one famous designer in Hollywood is engaging Waqar to rebrand himself. Hire Waqar & you be delighted with his insightful driven work for you.

  • Upwork

    Upwork Annual Impact Report 2019

    “Faiza is able to do meaningful work in her field while advocating for and helping the community of women in Pakistan enter the global workforce.”

  • Hira Tariq

    Startup Community Executive, National Incubation Karachi and Lead, Google WomenTechmakers Kolachi

    “One of the best things I learnt from Asra's freelancing course was how to focus on one skill! I was scattered before I took this course. It not only helped me get my first client, but also made me aware of the loopholes in the way I used to pitch before taking it. Taking this course was one of the best decisions of my life!”

  • Naila Iqbal

    Verified by Airschool

    A very well prepared and thought out course. Instructors are expert in their fields and have years of experience in free lancing. The experience and tips shared were very helpful. If you have the necessary skills and portfolio to prove it, this course is really good and helpful to kickstart your freelance career on online platforms.

  • Misha Wasim

    Verified by Airschool

    This course came at the right time for me, and I am glad that I have taken it. The course is quite extensive and covers almost every important aspect. Instructors were amazing and they facilitate each and every person. Their way of teaching and sharing their experiences were quite helpful. No matter you are a beginner or a pro it can help you to improve.

  • Azeem Abbas

    Verified by Airschool

    Thank you for this amazing course! The content was top notch and the instructors were professional, candid, engaging and accountable. Every area of freelancing was covered with depth and detail. Highly recommend it to those who to build a strong foundation in freelancing.

  • faiz raza

    Verified by Airschool

    This course helped me broaden my mind about freelancing and got me a deep idea of how this works. Sales funnel, finances, transitioning to an agency were the topics that most of the freelancing courses don't cover but I got these and much more here. And It will definitely help me in my freelancing journey. Highly recommended for the people who want to scale theirselves as a freelancer!!

  • Abdul Haseeb Sharif

    Verified by Airschool

    The course was good for some who just started exploring freelancing. I have general understanding already. Good networking with participants and facilitators. They put hard work. Appreciated.

  • Aisha Asif

    Verified by Airschool

    Alhamdulillah this has been an absolutely excellent course I have attended and I am glad to be a part of Airschool for the most demanded skills I acquired.

Come out of this class as a

  • Freelancer
  • Agency Owner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Independent Creator
  • Business Developer
  • Student Employee


  • Engagement and interaction

    You will not listen to one-way lectures, rather be in a digital classroom with some of the best experts and class fellows. Class size won’t be massive and you’ll have the floor to yourself to ask questions, debate, share your thoughts and contribute to everyone’s mastery.

  • Transparency and accountability

    Coursework like pop quizzes, short assignments, case studies can really help refresh and reinforce concepts. When everyone’s participating and sharing their ideas, you’ll feel challenged to come up with bigger and better ideas, thus having work to show by the end of the cohort.

  • Community and synergy

    Teamwork makes the dream work. Connect with your classmates, a group of like-minded people working towards the same goals and course outcomes as you. Support, challenge yourself and others, and possibly build lifelong relationships.

  • Results and impact

    Live, cohort-based courses are all about the transformation over a short period of time. This is what you and your cohort work together to achieve. You will come out of this course transformed in many, many ways.

Salient Features

This is not an ordinary course but a masterclass specially designed to help you become successful in the market. Some of the perks include:

Live Classes

All the classes will be conducted live giving you the opportunity to engage with the instructor and fellow course takers.

Replay Available

If for some reason, you missed a lecture, videos will be provided for you to stay up to speed with the class.

Guest Lectures

Meet Successful people who started their journey from content creation. Seek inspiration and learn from their experiences.

Practical Exercises

Clearly designed assignments and goals to build your foundations throughout the class

Networking Opportunities

A Dedicated Slack community to connect with your classmates and instructor

Useful Resources

Get inspiration from the work of your fellows. Find your own tribe of supporters!


The class will have batches in Local language.


Certification will be provided to participants.

Fee Structure

Apply now and get free access to the precourse work.

  • Fall Cohort
    Starting on: 01 Mar 2022
    Enrollment deadline
    01 Mar 2022

    9 classes Language : English
    10:00 am New_York Time Duration 1 hours 0 minutes
    49 Slots Left


One time fee for the whole master class


The live classes for the courses will be conducted on our platform, Airschool, and zoom. Once you enrol, you will get the joining details. Slack channels will be available for after-class conversations and discussion.

Airschool provides learners with a 1-day money-back guarantee. If you feel that the course doesn’t deliver to its expectations or doesn’t teach what it promised, you can apply for a refund within 1-day of enrolling for the course. Mail us at explaining the reason behind your decision and you will get your money back in 7 working days.

We love improvement and we love when it’s based on our users’ feedback. We expect you to record your constructive comments in our feedback form and these will be used to improve the course for the next batches.

Yes, certificates will be provided.